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Developing your teams’ strengths is always top of mind. You’ve gone to clinics where the focus is on the x’s and o’s of team excellence. You have binders full of tips, tricks, and resources sitting on your office shelf.  You send emails to your coaches with inspiration quotes or a link to a podcast hoping that it provides what they need for their development.  You also wonder if it’s enough.  Perhaps you worry about finding a consistent way to develop your coaches beyond the binders, clinics, and practices.  Or better yet, a method that tells you if your current approach is working for your coaches?

We’ve got the method and placed the best learning resources in one place. With the launch of our Ecsell Learning Platform, we’ve gone beyond podcasts and a few articles and made the  learning platform your one-stop shop for student-athlete development. Our learning platform is for elite-focused coaches at any stage.

Development Plan

With your scores in the Coaching Effect Report, you have completed step one of your development journey. However, step two, the Ecsell Learning Platform, is where the fun begins. The platform is where you put the mindset of adaptability into action. Think of it as the toolkit for knowing how to improve your coaching for your team. It’s a constant source of growth for you as a coach and provides a clear path for guiding you toward a more positive student-athlete experience.

The good news is your suggested topics and learning plans are already through the eyes of your student-athletes. That’s right, we’ve connected the results of your Coaching Effect Report to our learning platform. This cuts out the big “what do I do next?” question.

The learning plans are set as resources for you and your student-athletes. Each pathway will have suggested learning plans and modules—in them, you’ll find their own set of videos and short quizzes. These are just one part of what’s on Ecsell Learning.

Mental Strength

We believe in mental strength as a model because it signals room for growth. So that growth mindset is how we’ve structured those resources. We know that these resources are linked to successful outcomes. And we’ve got the data to back it up.

In fact, data tells us that mental work, the above-the-shoulders stuff, improves athletic performance by x time.   That’s why Olympic gold medalist swimmer Michael Phelps spent two hours a day visualizing his race months before each competition. He’s not alone. All elite athletes, from Serena Williams to Simone Biles, rely on these techniques.

We’ve teamed with Dr. Larry Widman, a best-selling author, and Sports Psychologist to provide your team with practical and actionable visualization techniques. These building blocks can provide student-athletes the ability to overcome YIPS during a game or competition by increasing their confidence, concentration, composure, and commitment. In addition, because we believe in practical resources, we’ve designed our elite mindset materials as straightforward and easy to use with your team.

Sharing is power: community

We believe in a community where a growth mindset is a primary focus. With our discover, coach, and share capabilities, you’ll have the ability to share your favorite tricks, podcasts, and other resources with other Ecsell Sports client coaches across the United States. And, hey, you’ll most likely learn about new inside development ideas from someone in Bangor, Maine. You never know what bit of information will transform your team. But, we do know that you are forever curious about growth. 

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